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From the Heart Rescue

Our mission is to serve the underserved --
the abandoned, orphaned, abused, injured and special needs dogs which have nowhere else to turn and to provide the love and care they never had until a forever home is found.

What People Are Saying About
From the Heart Rescue

They do a great job taking care of the animals they take in. I have adopted a couple of dogs and they are the best, love my fur babies..

~ Sandra M

They are one of the best rescues ever doing their best to save and treat as many as possible!

~ Julia P

A special thanks to From the Heart Animal Rescue! You all are awesome!

~ Matthew B

Best rescue in our area! The commitment they have dogs in need is amazing. We adopted from them and hope that the community continues to support them.

~ Karen C

I participated in the fostering of seven puppies over an 18-month period. The people From the Heart were so supportive and showed such love for every puppy; did whatever was needed to help the foster family. They kept meticulous records, so the puppies got their vaccines right on time. They gave advice if one of the puppies got sick (which was rare). They truly vetted every potential adoptee to be sure the puppies were going to good homes. They took pictures as follow up once the puppies were adopted. This is an amazing organization with amazing people who truly love animals.

~ Sharon T

They are the best!!!!

~ Eddie S

I rescued Brandy 12 years ago. She became a certified therapy dog and went to a middle school library with me every day for four years. Students would come read to her. She sat quietly and didn’t criticize if they stumbled. After I retired we when to a children’s ward in a hospital every week for two years. She’s a special dog who spent half her life in service to others. So happy I have this dog in my life!

~ Colleen M

12 years ago we adopted a little Shi Tzu mix from From the Heart. Our little Meggie passed away a couple weeks ago. I'm forever grateful to From the Heart for pulling her from the shelter when she was supposed to be euthanized all those years ago, and giving her to us, so we could enjoy so many wonderful years and make so many treasured memories together.

~ Laura G

it seems like they are very careful and go to great lengths to make sure they match owners with dogs. I was very satisfied when I adopted my dog through them. I would definitely use them again to find my perfect pet.

~ Elizabeth R

We adopted an adorable bassett mix, Charlie, this summer 2018. He was sick and heartworm positive when he was found. They helped get him into our home, supplied everything he needed to recover and later set up the adoption. Working with them was fantastic! Thank you FTR!

~ Maresha E

In 2014 we adopted Parker, now Clancy, and in 2018 we adopted Bumper, now Boris. Both from From the Heart. We have been so blessed! And I admit to trolling FTHAR website regularly. This is a wonderful rescue; well-run, efficient, compassionate. They also have an impressive website. I appreciate the complete bio’s and timely updates of the featured pets!

~ Kimberly B

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