Financial Resources

Help For You

From the Heart Rescue does not fund veterinary care for privately owned animals or animals in other rescues.  We realize, all too well, the costs of providing needed or emergency care for your pet, but our financial resources are limited and only can be used on the dogs in our care. 

 Below is a listing of local, regional and national organizations which may be able to assist you in this time of need.

Line of Credit

Care Credit – Offering special financing and low monthly payment options to pay for veterinary care.  Find out instantly if you are approved and start using your account immediately.

Aid for Pets

National Organizations

For pet owners whose pet faces a treatable life-threatening condition

For shelters and rescues, to help senior dogs

Provides financial aid for vet work for pet owners

For pet owners who can’t afford vet care

For pet owners who can’t afford vet care, focusing on seniors and offers low cost spay/neuter programs throughout the US

Financially assist pet owners and Good Samaritans who have an animal with a good prognosis for a healthy life, but are at a financial loss

Assistance for caretakers of disabled pets

Helps to bring affordable spay and neuter services, wellness services, and emergency and surgical care to pet owners who otherwise would not be able to afford even the most routine and essential veterinary visits

Various programs

Leading cat advocacy organization; various programs

Has a list with 12 additional resources

Dogs with Cancer

Magic Bullet Fund (MBF) provides financial assistance for canine cancer treatment only when the family is financially unable to provide treatment. 

If you are struggling and need assistance to provide your dog with cancer treatment you are encouraged to download an application for financial assistance. You need to have a confirmed cancer diagnosis from your veterinarian to have the application reviewed.