Adoption Process & Application

Adoption Process

From The Heart Rescue is a foster based rescue organization and does not have a traditional physical kennel facility like many humane societies or animal shelters do. Our dogs typically are housed in family homes, cared for by their foster families until we find a forever home for them. Therefore, our process to meet dogs and to adopt may be different than a normal animal control facility, humane society, or animal shelter.

In order to schedule a visit to meet any From The Heart Rescue rescue dog outside of a Meet & Greet Event, you must apply to adopt, successfully complete the application process, and have obtained an approval.  We do not adopt on a “first come, first serve” basis, but rather try to get the best match between a dog and family.

We understand it seems like a long process to get through to just meet a dog, however, we want to ensure that dogs and families are a good match for each other.  We also feel it important to have potential adopter's screened adequately to ensure that we know who may be engaging with our volunteers and visiting our foster families' homes. Their peace of mind and safety is of utmost importance to From The Heart Rescue.

Our goal is to make the adoption process a rewarding one and a good experience for all involved. We like to think of our dogs and their adopters as "From The Heart Rescue Ambassadors" that will spread the word about their positive experience with adopting a rescue dog and help others realize that there are many wonderful dogs available for adoption everywhere!



Step 1 Lose Your Heart


Find your prospective love match during one of our Meet & Greet Events, or on our Adoptable Dog page on the website.




Step 2 Apply


There is no application fee required to apply. The application process consists of the following: written application, veterinarian and personal reference checks, interview, and sometimes a home environment verification.




Step 3 Visit


If you didn’t meet the dog at one of our events, then a meeting will be set up for you to meet the dog. Please plan to bring your current canine companion(s) with you if you have any.




Step 4 Test Drive a Dog


If the meet and greet visit is successful and we have a match, we ask that you take the dog with you for a two-week trial period, a foster-to-adopt status. That way, both you and the dog can make sure it is a lifelong match! Therefore, please make home preparations prior to your visit so you will be ready to take your new friend home!
We will process the adoption at the meet and greet, but From the Heart will not finalize the adoption until the trial period is over.

NOTE: If you live outside the El Paso/Las Cruces Region, please contact us as to how we handle out of area adoptions!

Adoption Application