Rescue/Rehabilitation Program


Be it a broken leg or a broken spirit, From the Heart provides life-saving or life-enhancing surgeries, medications and special care for these hurt and frightened victims of accident, disease, cruelty and neglect.  These, as do all our dogs, live in private homes with volunteer foster care providers, where they get the medications, cast changes, love and care they need and so deserve.

We heal their bodies

Once restored to health,
we then work diligently to find each animal a permanent loving home.


benson before & after

I was shot in the head. Amazingly, I survived. I was found in the desert and was taken to animal control where they called From The Heart to see if they could help. A nice person volunteered to foster me and off to the vet I was rushed where an X-ray revealed I had been shot in the right cheek. The bullet traveled through my neck and rested in my left shoulder.  The path of the bullet left a hole through my body and air leaked into the surrounding area with every breath. Because of the placement of the injury and the nature of the trauma, I couldn't have surgery. But I was a fighter and never gave up! 

After months of treatment and patience by my Foster Mom, I recovered and now am living my best life ever in my very own forever home!


Beso Before & After

I came to rescue after my owner turned me into the shelter with a horrific eye condition in both of my eyes, causing me to be nearly blind.  The shelter called From The Heart to see if they could get me into the Rehab Program so that I could receive the medical attention I needed.   At first, it appeared as though it was cancer. I was put on medication to see if the wounds could be healed. Miraculously, my eyes began to heal and clear up! Not only did I have painful eye infections, I also had heartworm, but received treatment, and now I'm as good as new!


Butterfly Before & After 2

I was found in an onion field in New Mexico with a horrible skin infection.  I was brought to From the Heart so I could get the treatment I needed.  No one is quite sure how a 10-year old chihuahua got there in a box, but they have their theories.

Because of how bad the skin infection was, I lost my eye and parts of my ears, but I was so thankful to be out of pain, I didn't care if I was funny looking.

I recovered well and I found a forever lap!


Colton Before & After

I came to From the Heart Rescue after winding up at animal control with a broken leg! Someone found me as a stray dog and turned me in to the shelter. From The Heart found a nice foster home to take care of me so that I could receive surgery to fix my broken leg.


Dobby Before & After

I came to From the Heart on 11/20 after I was dropped off at the Animal Emergency Center.  A Good Samaritan had found me and brought me there for help.  The doc there said I had one of the worst cases of mange he had ever seen and I was underweight, sick and shot....but through it all, I was wagging my tail and trying to give kisses.  It took months of special baths and salves to get me back to health, but I did it!

After being all healed and adopted, blood and urine testing the Unsinkable Mr. Dobby had kidney insufficiency of 75%, although his kidney values were stable.  He did have hypertension and required medication.  Everything went back to when he was dumped in the desert.  While, it is likely this kidney trouble will shorten his life, to what extent was unknown.

Although his new loving home was a young couple without enormous financial resources, despite all of Dobby's previous trauma and this new diagnosis, they truly loved him and wanted to keep him, whatever may come.  Because they were so willing to give him the unconditional love he deserved, From the Heart provided the costs of his medications and special food.


Kiska before and after

Little Kiska is a brave little girl who underwent some extensive medical treatment.  You see, she came to From the Heart Rescue with 3rd degree burns over 1/3 of her back after fireworks were tied to her tail.  Kiska has had hydrotherapy with daily bandage changes and wound care.  And surgery down the line to try and close some of the wound.  Despite all her pain, Kiska liked to cuddle and give kisses.  She never snapped or bit, even with all her treatments...she was a brave little one!

Once adopted, Kiska went on to be the STAR of her agility class!

Leroy Brown

Leroy Brown Before & After

I came to From the Heart after my person dropped me at the vet’s with a broken pelvis, broken hip, and a dislocated elbow. She said she didn't want me anymore. It took several surgeries and months of treatment and rehabilitation, but Leroy got back to (almost) good as new!


Marco before & after

I came to rescue because I wound up at the shelter as a "bag of bones". I only weighed 30 pounds! While at the shelter, I put on 10 pounds at the shelter, but I was still a long way off from being a healthy weight. I also had erlichia, which is a tick-borne blood disease. Because a nice foster home volunteered to take me in, I was treated and was able to get back to a healthy weight.


mango before & after

I found myself at animal services one day with a terrible head wound! It's likely that I was hit by a car. From The Heart snatched me up and took me straight to the vet. It took a while to heal, but I feel much better now! I healed so quickly that the skin on top of my head tightened and my eyelid started to lift up. I actually had trouble closing my right eye and I had to go to the vet for some doggy plastic surgery. I also had heartworm and had to be treated for that too!


Ochoa before & after

Hi, I'm Ochoa, a 2 year old who weighed 25lb when I was found. The nice person who found me called everyone he could think of until he found From the Heart Rescue who said they would take me in. I was dropped off at Crossroads Animal Hospital for immediate medical help. They put me on warmed IV fluids (my body temp was 97), drugs for nausea and started syringe feeding me small amounts of a re-feeding solution - mostly carbohydrates, liquids and a little protein.

My new foster Mommy kept coming to visit me. I was too far gone to really notice, except she kept jamming a syringe in my mouth, cleaning up my diarrhea in the cage and covering me in blankets. A few days passed and I took a turn for the worse -- , I was very chilled from a cold night and not doing well at all. They put a heat lamp on me and hoped for the best. I warmed up a little by that night.

The next morning, Foster Mommy expected the worst. I think her heart skipped a beat when she went to visit me and saw my cage empty. I was one cage over, since they had cleaned everything up. Foster Mommy had some nutritional mush with her, which I promptly rejected. She had brought some turkey in for some small babies down the hall and in desperation, waved a small piece in front of my nose. Boy did that get my attention! I rolled up on my chest, opened wide and inhaled the turkey. She would only give me a little bit, but I figured, if somebody's willing to feed me yummy turkey, I'll go for it. She came in twice more that day and kept waving turkey in front of me. I was waiting for her and wagged my tail every time.

The next day, I was still waiting. I heard a bunch of laughing. I was waiting for turkey, sitting up in my cage, smiling and wagging. I wiggled out of the cage for the turkey presentation ceremony. There were a couple of squeals of "OW!". I had failed to distinguish between fingers and turkey, oh well.

They took all the nasty tubes out of my legs and I went home at lunchtime that day.  Since then, Foster Mommy has been making a bunch of special meals for me. We started out with meals every hour, then every two. Pretty soon, I was back on solid food, with yummy high calorie supplemental stuff (liver, eggs, cottage cheese, rice, yoghurt, spinach.)

It took two months, but I was finally well enough to go home.


Petunia Before and After

My family let me out to potty and I came back with the skin on my back peeled back. They took me to the vet and dropped me off. They ignored the vet's attempts to reach them for over 36 hours. When they they finally replied, they said they couldn't afford the surgery and they surrendered me to the vet clinic.

Well, the vet clinic wasn't ready to put me to sleep, so they called From The Heart Rescue who took care of my medical needs and took me into foster care. From The Heart believes I may have gotten caught trying to go under a fence and then panicked and ripped the skin. 

I will always carry the scar of my adventure, and think it adds character, but I also think I look great in dresses that cover it!


spirit before & After

Just before Thanksgiving, I was found tied out in the desert and taken to Crossroads Animal Hospital,who reached out to From the Heart Rescue for help.  You see, I was (literally) starving to death and needed a foster home when I was released from the vet hospital.  It was touch and go for a few days, but finally I started to eat.  I wouldn’t leave the comfy bed From the Heart gave to me for fear I would lose that too!  After a few months of rehab, I became a healthy, happy girl and found my forever family!


Stiletto Before & After

The knife came out of nowhere, glinting in the morning sun while slashing and stabbing  the 6-month old shepherd puppy.  What had she done, other than ask for a pat from a stranger, perhaps?

Bleeding and barely able to breathe, she crawled from the desert to a nearby home.  Soon, she was on her way to From the Heart Rescue with hope for survival. 

The knife lacerated her trachea in two places and penetrated her chest; it was a miracle she could breathe.  After hours of surgery, she was stabilized and her major injuries repaired.  A week later, the pup, now known as “Stiletto,” was released for rehabilitation.  Three more surgeries, though, would be needed to restore her ability to eat and drink normally. 

Her vocal cords were destroyed so she quacked like a duck and her breathing could sound like an elephant snoring, but her spirit never waivered.  Over time, her fear of objects in a person’s hand evaporated and she came to unconditionally trust humans again.

After six months, she found that special person who would love her and continue her path to greatness.  A noble companion to her humans, “Silly Stilly” now teaches about animal abuse and survival, greeting everyone she meets with a diva’s aplomb. 

If greatness comes from adversity, Stilly rises above all.   Even though terribly abused and injured, with her owners’ love Stilly still turns a happy face to the world, not holding her past against human kind.  She truly is an inspiration ...

The 3 Muskateers


Bethany, Doodle the Poodle and Flipper were three pups with legs which had been broken, but remained unset for weeks.  All three were given the surgeries they needed to run and play again … speaking of play, they did enjoy plaining together during rehab with one of their favorite games being seeing who could bat the other ones with their cast!

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