Hi! My Name Is Angel

This sweet and gentle dog came into the shelter as a stray. Once they saw the condition of her eyes, shelter staff immediately reach out to us. It looked like there was a HIGH likelihood that she would need both eyes removed. That would take a very special foster home as she would probably be a hospice dog. But she is only 7 so there is the possibility that she could live for another 10 years. A lot to ask of someone. To our surprise, one of our fantastic foster mommas said she and her family would be up to the task.

While at the vet we discovered that not only did Angel experience some kind of trauma to her eyes, most likely an untreated cornea scratches but she also had painful glaucoma in both eyes. We were correct, both eyes needed to come out so she could live pain-free. Our director went to visit Angel at the clinic and even in so much pain, Angel only wanted to be loved on. Meda herself comfortable in our director's lap.

After surgery, Angel is no longer in pain and more relaxed. She is headed to her foster home to recover and then we will be able to finish her vetting.

PUPDATE!- Angel has adjusted to her new life in exceptional fashion. She uses the doggie door to go outside and come back in. She has figured out the landscape of the house and as long as no one moves the furniture, she doesn't bump into things. Dogs are so resilient, and Angel is a perfect example!



  • Terrier & Mix
  • Female
  • Adult (61 - 108 Months)My DoB is 07/04/2016 (Estimated)
  • 7 Pounds
  • Texas
  • White
  • Gentle and Friendly
  • Not Tested With Kids
  • Not Tested With Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
  • $
Special Needs (Medical)
Blind or Vision Impaired

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