Hi! My Name Is CoCo

Coco was taken to the animal shelter by her owners after she didn't eat for 3 days. They were afraid she was sick and they couldn't afford the vet bill. The animal shelter reached out to see if we had any space. One of our wonderful foster homes said Yes!

We got Coco to the vet to run some blood work and her liver values were off the chart. So high the machine couldn't read them. We got her started on antibiotics and liver support. We crossed our fingers that it was just a liver infection and not cancer. We kept checking her blood work and after a month, her values started to come down.

It took several months of tests and trips to the vet but we finally figured out that little Coco has a liver shunt. She takes several medications everyday in order to stay healthy. Because of her health issues, Coco will stay in rescue in one of our Fospice homes.


  • Chihuahua
  • Female
  • Senior (108+ - Months) (07/04/2014)
  • 3 Pounds
  • Texas
  • Cream
  • Gentle and Friendly
  • $100

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