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Sweet Coco found herself at the shelter as a stray. This wasn't her first time there. She was picked up as a puppy and adopted out. But this time no one came looking for her. The microchip information was no longer current. During her intake exam the vet noted that she had a severe luxating patella, where the kneecap can move out of the groove and slip side to side, and the vet felt it was severe enough to require surgery.

Coco was put up for adoption and received a lot of interest, but everyone backed out when realizing that she would require surgery to live her best life. The shelter asked if we could take her and get her surgery so she could have a chance at a loving home. One of our amazing fosters said they had room, and we got her right into our vet.

It turns out that instead of a luxating patella, Coco has a torn CCL. Basically, a person's ACL. Our vet no longer handles these types of surgery, so we have an appointment with another vet to see what he says. If everyone could keep a good thought for Coco that would be great.

So far, we have learned that she loves to play and is loving and snuggly. Keep an eye for updates about Coco.


  • Chihuahua
  • Female
  • 5 Years OldMy DoB is 07/04/2019 (Estimated)
  • 10 - 20 Pounds
  • Texas
  • Chocolate
  • $ 103.00
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