Hi! My Name Is Finley

Finley was found by a Good Samaritan running loose on the streets. He was nothing but skin and bones, literally. But he had been recently groomed so the finder figured he had an owner out there. The finder posted him on the Facebook lost and found pages and turned him over to the local shelter. No owners came for him. His Good Samaritan called From the Heart because she was worried about his health and didn't know how he would fair in the shelter. All of our foster homes were completely full, but she offered to foster him. So, because someone opened their heart and home, we were able to help Finley.

First thing was a visit to the vet. All of his bloodwork was normal, and x-rays were clear. No obvious signs as to why he would be so skinny. But then during the physical exam the Dr. found a lump on his throat, near his thyroid. He had a possible thyroid tumor. We scheduled surgery to remove the lump. Normally, we would wait until the dog was a healthier weight for surgery but if it was a thyroid tumor, that's what was making him so skinny. As long as it was there, he would never gain weight.

Finley made it through surgery like a Champ. It took a week for his results to come back, he did have thyroid carcinoma. But the Dr. was able to remove it all during the surgery and Finley should live a normal life. In just 1 week since surgery, he's already gained 1.5 pounds!

Finley is quiet and just goes with the flow. He loves car rides and snuggles. As we have gotten to know Finley, we wonder if he is older than we suspected? He has now gone blind and has become weak in his back end from arthritis. As long as his Foster mom doesn't rearrange the furniture, Finley is able to manage in his Fospice home just fine. 

  • Poodle - Miniature & Mix
  • Male
  • Senior (Over 9 years) (07/04/2010)
  • 10 - 20 Pounds
  • White
  • Couch Potato

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