Hi! My Name Is Kirby

Kirby came to us in August. He had been left in a pet carrier overnight at the back door of the shelter, severely matted and had wounds on his face that maggots had taken residence in.
Look at him now! We cleaned him up and treated his wounds. We also discovered he had a weird toe that caused him to walk funny. On examination it really looked like cancer and it was decided it should be amputated. But no cancer! It was a benign growth. Kirby also has severe arthritis in his hips and is on 2 medicines every day to help with the pain.
When we first got Kirby, he was in such rough shape we weren't sure if he would make it. But with love and modern medicine, he has proved us wrong.
Kirby is a cranky, older gentleman and has old man problems. He can't hear well or see well. He moves slower. And like many older men, he is stubborn and set in his ways. He lives with other dogs but doesn't like them to touch him and will tell them to "get out of the way!". 😂
His daily routine consists of sleeping most of the day, waking up now and then to storm around the house putting everyone in their place, and eating. Because of Kirby's cranky old man attitude, he will be in Fospice care with the rescue.
  • Shih Tzu
  • Male
  • Senior (108+ - Months) (07/04/2010) - Estimated
  • 10 - 20 Pounds
  • White & Black
  • Couch Potato
Special Needs (Medical)
Blind,  Deaf,  Doesn't Walk Well
Special Needs (Emotional)
Socially Imperfect

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