Hi! My Name Is Peach

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Hi! My name is Peach - and I'm a dog fostered in El Paso - Texas!

I originally came to From the Heart after my owner dumped me. I was on the run for a little - and I lost a lot of weight! I was skin and bones. From The Heart took me in though - and got me into foster care. I put on some healthy weight and was adopted out again.

My second owner returned me after almost two years. I am now extremely overweight. From The Heart took me to the vet to make sure I didn't have any health issues that cause weight gain. Fortunately - I'm healthy! I was just fat! My previous owner was feeding me FOUR CUPS OF FOOD A DAY!!!! Plus snackies. I was at 95 pounds....that's double what I should have weighed!!! The vet would like to see me lose at least 40 pounds.

In foster care I was returned to a normal portions and I get daily exercise. So far I've lost about 20 pounds! I'm about halfway to my goal weight! I'm feeling much better and I'm much more active and happy now. Before I could hardly walk across my foster mom's yard - and now I happily take a 1.5 mile walk almost every day!

I was being loved to death with food by my previous family. I'd really like to find a forever family that will keep me active and healthy. I'm a happy girl now! Can you help me finish my weight loss goal?

I'm a young girl - and I have lived with kids before. I am a bouncy velvet hippo when I get happy so I may not be a good fit for young kids or old dogs that could easily knocked over with my enthusiasm.

I need a family that has order and rules. I am a great listener if I know you are the pack leader. If I'm allowed to do whatever I want - then I will try to assume the alpha position. My foster mom laid down some ground rules when I got to her house - and I learned the pecking order quickly...she's the boss lady of the house and I listen to her! I'm just like a kid...sometimes I need a "mom voice" and a pointed finger.

I am a sweet girl - and I like everyone. I've been through a lot - but I'm as friendly as they come! I get along great with the othe dogs in my foster home too! I'm very affectionate and I LOVE people! I lean in for hugs...if you stop petting me - I'll pet you back to remind you that I'm still there! My foster mom calls me her Sweet Peach - and it's true...I'm as sweet as they come!

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