Hi! My Name Is Spork

I'm Available

Spork found himself at the shelter as a stray. We know he had a home at some point. It would be really hard for a tiny dog to live on the streets for 12 years! But no one showed up to claim him. One of our awesome volunteers knows how long and confusing the shelter can be and offered to foster the little guy.

We have learned that Spork LOVES to cuddle and prefers to snuggle up against someone. He can be very demanding when it comes to pets. If you are petting him and you stop, he will paw at your hand to redirect you back to the pets.

Spork is a very mellow guy that just likes to hang out with his person and watch TV while being adored.


  • Chihuahua
  • Male
  • Senior (108+ - Months) (07/04/2010) - Estimated
  • 7 Pounds
  • Texas
  • Couch Potato
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