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Be it a broken leg or a broken spirit, From the Heart provides life-saving or life-enhancing surgeries, medications and special care for these hurt and frightened victims of accident, disease, cruelty and neglect.  These, as do all our dogs, live in private homes with volunteer foster care providers, where they get the medications, cast changes, love and care they need and so deserve.


Once restored to health, we then work diligently to find each animal a permanent loving home.

Senior to Senior

Senior pets generally are the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized. Most rescue organizations will not even take them in because they are considered unadoptable. Senior citizens sometimes have very small or fixed income ranges and would otherwise struggle to adopt a companion at the going rate in El Paso of $100 - $250, but they have a lot of love to give. Through the Senior to Senior Program, From the Heart takes senior dogs and matches them to senior citizens for reduced adoption fees and is the only program of its kind locally.

Prior to being placed, the pets are vet checked, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for various diseases (with treatment if necessary), at a cost which can exceed $500. As studies have repeatedly shown, there are numerous health benefits to having a pet. Because all the major expenses are taken care of by From the Heart, a senior on a fixed income can afford to have, and love, a pet who would, otherwise, be euthanized. It's a "win/win" situation for both!

In many instances the program has improved the lives of these senior citizens by giving them a purpose. Their physical health often shows improvement just by having incentive to get up and move around to care for their new best friend. They are also mentally in a better place with the love and companionship of a dog. Not to mention our senior dogs are more than happy to have a cozy lap of their own in which to curl up.

In the event the adopter should pass away before the animal, From the Heart is committed to taking the dog back into rescue if the family members cannot care for the animal.

Help Us Help Them!

Your thoughtful, tax-deductible donation will help us continue to provide love to seniors – canine and human alike!

Special Needs Program

Often dogs coming to us are deaf, handicapped, diabetic or have other medical challenges.  This Program focuses on those dogs which might need a bit extra help in their new homes – from specialized notification and training collars, to wheelchairs, to special foods and to continuing medications, such as insulin or heart medication.


By supplying the needed “extras,” From the Heart can more easily place these loving and deserving dogs, with the special people who will love them forever … just the way they are!

Fospice Program

Not all Fospice dogs are seniors. Sadly, younger dogs and pups sometimes qualify if they have been diagnosed with a terminal condition like renal failure, heart disease or certain cancers. Depending on the diagnosis, a Fospice dog may have a matter of weeks, months, and just like humans, canine patients can beat the odds and go on to live far longer than expected.

Obviously, these pets do not know that their time is limited – but what they do know is they are happy every day they are in your loving home. The benefits for these animals in terms of comfort, stress reduction, and happiness is immeasurable. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of people who provide Fospice care benefit as well – simply because they realize the importance of the gift they are giving to these dogs.

We are always looking for special foster parents who are willing to give extra snuggles, endless treats, unlimited belly rubs, and never-ending ear scratches! We know people say “Oh, but I would just get too attached and the dog would die so soon”. Well, there is no way to sugar coat it, but dogs do die and their time on this earth is too short. That said, any of us could kick off tomorrow and it goes for that cute puppy, too. Longevity is not guaranteed to anyone or anything. Learn to love the sweetness that comes with each day and rejoice in what you have. A Fospice dog can teach you that!

Like fostering, Fospice allows you to provide a loving home to a deserving dog without incurring the costs and long-term responsibilities of a traditional adoption. Food, medications, veterinary visits and all the other expenses of caring for a Fospice pooch are taken care of by From the Heart Rescue. Since the rescue covers all expenses, you are free to focus all your attention on spoiling your Fospice pup.

The difference between foster and Fospice is the outcome. Instead of preparing a pooch to head off to its forever home, you are providing priceless end-of-life care to a dog otherwise destined to pass away in a lonely cage. It is a unique and beautiful opportunity to show them a level of love and comfort they may never have experienced before. Please consider becoming a loving Fospice home. For some of our animals, this is the first AND last chance to experience finally having a family! If you can’t foster, please consider donating to our Fospice Program dogs.

From the Heart Fospice
From the Heart Fospice Program
From the Heart Fospice Program

No matter how long they have, these animals deserve loving, caring fosters who will make sure they are spoiled rotten in the remaining time they do have.