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Teaching and training is about building and maintaining the bond between you and your dog.

This is a rewarding time for you both and will benefit your dog immensely. Every dog is different, every home is different, and every training need is different. Training is not just for fixing problems, having a well-trained dog can avoid problems. Work at developing the very best relationship with your dog.

Below is a list of training tips to help you with your new dog.  If things aren't getting better, we recommend reaching out to a professional dog trainer.

Bringing a New Dog Home

When bringing a new dog home there are so many new experiences for them to get used to. It's good to have some helpful tips to guide you through some of the most common post adoption scenarios you may need some help with.

Dog To Dog Integration
Dog To Cat Integration
Dog To Kid Integration
Crate Training
Separation Anxiety
Leash Aggression


The most important thing to remember is that training and commitment are all you need to fix just about any challenge.